Tamaota GmbH
  • Artificial intelligence for climate strategy

  • Data analytics for optimal zero-carbon transition

  • Collected insights from a global network

  • Quantified climate risk and opportunities

  • Sustainable value creation for any organization

Quantifying climate impact


Tamaota accesses public and proprietary data from 1000+ sources globally.


Using our unique climate-econometric artificial intelligence framework, we offer assessments and forecasts of company KPIs under climate impact.


Working directly with clients, Tamaota delivers deep-dive, continuous monitoring of client-specific climate risks and opportunities.


Tāmaota is a data-driven modelling and consulting firm, focused on quantifying climate change risks and opportunities of companies. Our clients benefit from actionable insight, continuous decision support and streamlined reporting on climate induced changes.

Our solutions serve a variety of industries from financial services to food production, from manufacturing to public services. As climate change affects each and every business and organization, our methods and tools are applicable to any segment of our world. Explore our topics and see how Tāmaota can help your organization.

Read more about our climate intelligence methodology.

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Your benefits from engaging with us

Improve acute and strategic resilience against financial threats
Climate change impacts measureable on performance of firms. Unveil, quantify and act upon key vulnerabilities of your company.

Earn engagement credit from your active investors and stakeholders
Climate change is on top of the agenda of a growing number of investors today. Engage proactively and transparently on climate risks and opportunities to be the driver of the discussion.

Realize opportunities from a changing business environment
With climate regulation, rapidly changing clean technology and climate impacts materializing, the global business world is reshuffling. Explore your opportunities with our quantitative, decision-focused approach.

Truly improve corporate sustainability
Acting socially and environmentally sustainable has boosted in importance during the last decade. With Tamaota delivering decision criteria for your firm, you can lead the development in a responsible way.

How we are different

Wider in scope
Tāmaota focuses its products on climate change impacts. Offering our own and our network’s expertise in this global megatrend gives clients a true benefit over relying on conventional econometric and financial drivers.

Superior in quality
We integrate unconventional data with state-of-the-art analytics to discovering and interpreting even unknown patterns for corporate decision making. This enables us stepping ahead of conventional, econometric modelling and tapping into fat tails, black swans and other impacts that are so much important in today’s global economic world.

Digital without compromise
Tāmaota embraces digitization in all corporate processes and value chains. Our products provide digital user experience and integration by design. Forget reporting, welcom decisions!

Methodology & data

Tāmaota is a data-driven company. We apply two paradigms to model climate change risks and opportunities: system dynamic simulations and machine learning / artificial intelligence. Please refer to our methodology pages for an overview of our methods.

Tāmaota combines data from a steadily growing number of sources. We combine historic econometric and climate data with future scenarios and simulations. This combination yields new and relevant insight into how climate change impacts on businesses. As climate change is a global challenge, our data has a global scope and exists on a broad spectrum of time scales. Data may be as structured as business intelligence information, or as unstructured as contracts, news or satellite images. This rich combination of data and tools allows for unique, robust and actionable results for our clients.