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  • Artificial intelligence for climate strategy

  • Data analytics for optimal zero-carbon transition

  • Collected insights from a global network

  • Quantified climate risk and opportunities

  • Sustainable value creation for any organization

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Tāmaota uses data to develop its analytics services. This data is coming from you! Together, we are building the first truly participative data company in the world. You earn equity in the company each time your data contributes to products sold to clients. Lean more about this exciting opportunity.
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Tāmaota specializes on quantifying business risk and opportunities from climate change. As climate change having severe impact on both strategy and operations of organizations, Tāmaota is dedicated to develop and supply customized algorithms to support decision making on risk mitigation, opportunity assessment and business model development for any business segment and for the public sector.

Data and apps

Tāmaota combines data from various sources to generate new and relevant insights into climate change. As climate change is a global challenge, our data has a global scope and lives on arbitrary time scales. Data may be as structured as Business Intelligence information, or as unstructured as images or audio traces. Similarly, our models cover the entire scope of Data Science, ranging from system dynamic approaches to deep neural networks for image processing.

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Business applications

Our solutions serve a variety of industries from financial services to food production, from manufacturing to public services. As climate change affects each and every business and organization, our methods and tools are applicable to any segment of our world. Explore our topics and see how Tāmaota can help your organization.


Tāmaota employs two paradigm to model climate change risks and opportunities: system dynamic simulations and machine learning. Please check our technology page for details.