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  • In brief: what is Tāmaota?

    Tāmaota generates climate-driven business insights . We enable businesses to make strategic and operational decisions in face of climate change, based on quantitative models. Tāmaota is a collaborative venture owned by anybody who contributes data. Tāmaota's mission is to support organizations in finding the most sustainable and efficient way to transform into a zero-carbon world.

  • What is Tāmaota's idea and vision?

    Tāmaota envisions to create a prosperous, zero-carbon economy and society.

    Tāmaota strives to achieve this vision by enabling anybody to contribute, thereby creating a collaborative ecosystem of distributed ownership.

  • How does Tāmaota work?

    Tāmaota creates quantitative models to assess climate change risk and opportunities.

  • How can I contribute data to Tāmaota?

    Contributing to Tāmaota works with only a few clicks. Anybody can upload data files even without creating a user account. After checking and assessing the data, the data enters Tāmaota's modelling engine and the contributer can anytime manage her contribution on her profile page.

    This page explains the upload process and the data life cycle in detail.

  • Ho do I register on Tāmaota?

    Simply fill in the form and get started!

  • How does Tāmaota create insight from my data?

    Tāmaota serves businesses with both, system dynamic and statistical models on climate change impacts.  Depending on the modeling task we use various artificial intelligence frameworks such as the Python scikit-learn libraries or Caffe / TensorFlow for image and text based learning.

    The model delivery is based on clients' needs and we are flexible to provide solutions on various levels of integration into clients' systems.

  • How secure is my data on Tāmaota?

    Sharing data requires mutual trust, both from the data owner in the receiver handling data carefully, and from the data receiver in the contributor having ensured an appropriate quality level in the data.

    Tāmaota seeks to establish a secure and trustful environment for anyone's data. Your user profile contains a dashboard where the contributed data can be visualized and managed. Any usage of the data is archived and the usage history can be drilled down in detail.

    Tāmaota does not proceed data to other contributors or to third parties but keeps data access restricted to own modeling activities. Data are not accessible by using modeled products, but are used to parametrize and calibrate models.

  • What does "Tāmaota" mean?

    Tāmaota is a word in the Maori language, the indigenous Polynesian people of New Zealand. It means being fresh, green or lush. We believe that this word expresses the application of data analytics to support the zero-carbon transition in a beautiful way.