Tamaota GmbH

Why contributing data to Tāmaota?

Tāmaota is the first place where you can directly convert your data into the company's equity. But let’s start at the beginning: What are we building here?

From here...

  • We can only tackle climate change effectively if we collaborate globally, but many structures operate still on a local basis
  • Data and models are key enablers to eliminate fossil carbon emissions, but data are produced and processed in a variety of unconnected formats and reside in a wealth of places
  • Incentive structures today are hardly built to foster the collaboration needed to achieve global goals

... to there

  • We are building a fully digital, global company with the focus on creating business value from contributing to solving the climate change challenge
  • Tāmaota develops into a global data host to enable rapid modelling for addressing strategic and operational questions of organizations in the light of climate change
  • Everybody can be part of Tāmoata and its business success, leveraging the power of market-driven incentives for solving the greatest challenge for society around

How are we doing it?

Here is Tāmaota's value chain - and your way to participation:

  1. Upload data
  2. Automatic, high level checks if data are of appropriate quality and if they contribute new information to the existing data stock. You get a machine-generated confirmation about the general acceptance of your data set
  3. Semi-automatic, in-depth quality check and pre-processing steps to attach new data into system. Your data gets an ID and is attached to your user profile
  4. Using your data among others for modelling solutions
  5. Selling a solution to which your data contributed. You are entitled to earn a share in the company based on the reward arithmetic

Process in depth

This is the high level process. Now, please read further about the detailed implementation of the individual steps.

Upload data

At this time, we provide a form based uploader handling multiple files. Your data may be either in structured format (csv, json, xml) or image format (jpeg, png). We foresee to implement API access shortly. As part of the upload process, we also provide you the opportunity to give us supporting information on the data, such as the original data source, the license under which the data may be used, and the context you see the data most probably adding value.

Automatic checks

Uploaded data is checked in terms of security and cleanliness. Among other routine checks, we test for formal correctness of a file (e.g., looking for valid xml structure) and assess the fraction of missing values.

Quality assurance and data injection

Quality assurance pre-processes the data in terms of cleansing and structuring. We may refuse accepting data which require extensive pre-processing, thus please make sure your initial data upload is already cleaned up as good as possible. In this step we also check for the added value of the newly provided data by comparing it to data already existing in our systems. Duplicate data may in some cases actually be welcome to confirm the reliability of previously received data sets.
As part of quality assurance, we may get back to you requesting meta information on the data you provided, such as source and confirmation of your ownership or usage rights on the data.


Congratulations, your data is now ready for being used in any modelling activity on Tāmaota! You can see how your data is used any time in your profile. You can interact and share ideas with others on the usage of your data. Simultaneously, we aim on delivering value for clients with our models. You will also me notified on any model sales your data has been part of.

Equity reward after sale of data product

After full and successful completion of a sales process, the share of anybody who delivered data is automatically calculated using this set of rules. You will see the effect reflected kind of instantly in your profile.